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2300 Dumbarton Road
Richmond, Virginia 23228

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Treatment Center Philosophy

We are a recovery resource foundation whose mission is to deliver a message of hope to individuals with a Substance Use Disorder and to facilitate their journey to a healthier life. Our organization is one of nine in the country that is accredited by CAPRSS.


  • "McShin has given me the steps I needed to learn about recovery and how to start building that foundation. Without them I wouldn't have the relationships with my parents and family that I do today and for that alone I will be forever grateful. I learned how to stay clean, find a sponsor, a home group and that working a program of recovery is the only way to live life on life's term without using drugs."
  • "The McShin Foundation helped me build a foundation to find a new way to live. Because of this new way of life, I was able to build honest relationships with the father of my child, have my daughter back in my life, and find a passion for helping others on this same path. McShin showed me the steps to take to fully engage in the 12-step program that continues to save my life and make me into the person I am today. I have been in recovery since January 27, 2017."
  • "I used to be homeless. I walked into The McShin Foundation and was provided a scholarship into a recovery house that same day. I was given groceries, a bed, a chance that day. I was able to build a foundation, network with people also seeking recovery, and now am able to help others who are struggling and want a change. Today, I am able to offer experience, strength, and hope to others. I have hope today."
  • "I attended McShin for 60 days. In that time, I was loved on the whole time, while learning about myself and practicing and applying a 12-step program in my life. I am eternally grateful for McShin and what they continue to do on a daily basis. McShin gave me the tools to save my life. Thank you for taking time for and believing in me."
  • "I am very grateful for McShin. When I first arrived, I was pregnant and had nowhere else to go. I was able to get some recovery through my pregnancy. Pregnancy was very difficult for me, but recovery and McShin made it easier. If it wasn’t for the community and support I found at McShin, I probably would have returned to a life of active addiction. I am grateful for McShin and recovery every day!"
  • "I started using when I was 15 years old. , I have lived more fully in this past year than the 17 years I was using. Less than 24 hours after I reached out for help, I was in Richmond, Virginia at The McShin Foundation. I am one of the lucky ones living with the disease of addiction. Not just surviving, but living. Living a beautiful life full of laughter, tears, joys, disappointments, milestones, dreams, goals, ups, and downs. My life has not always been one so full of all the aspects life has to offer."

Facility Center Details

  • Residential Treatment
  • Detox Services
  • Behavioral Disorder Treatment
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Outpatient Services
  • Intensive Outpatient Services
  • Sober Living Home
  • Day School
  • Private Rooms
  • Pet Friendly
  • Exceptionally LGBT Friendly
  • Men Only
  • Women Only

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Meet The Staff

John Shinholser, CPRS
President & Co-Founder

John Shinholser serves as the President of The McShin Foundation, which was founded in 2004 and named for its two recovering co-founders, John Shinholser and Carol McDaid. Shinholser and McDaid have dedicated their lives to helping individuals and families in or seeking recovery from the disease of addiction. The McShin Foundation operates on the founders' belief that by helping others find and sustain recovery, they can better sustain their own recovery. Shinholser and McDaid decided to establish a non-profit recovery community resource foundation based on this belief. John is a United States Marine Corps veteran and has been in long term recovery since 1982.

Honesty Liller, CPRS
Executive Officer

Honesty Liller is a woman in long-term recovery from a Substance Use Disorder since May 27, 2007 when she entered the McShin Foundation's residential program. Honesty's mission as CEO is firmly rooted in community outreach and involvement. She spends each day connecting with individuals and families who have been touched by addiction. She is the recipient of the Vernon Johnson Award given by Faces and Voices of Recovery in 2015. In 2016 she was awarded the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network Great Boss. She was also featured on Face The Nation discussing addiction & recovery in America. In addition, she was awarded the Stettinius Fund honor from The Community Foundation.

Jesse Wysocki
Chief Operating Officer

Jesse Wysocki is McShin's Chief Operating Officer, overseeing the day to day operations of McShin's various programs. He has over six years in recovery and an amazing story to share with the participants and families of The McShin Foundation.

Paxton Wolfrey
Intake Specialist

Since graduating from Hampden-Sydney College in 1994, Paxton has experience working in investments, money management, and risk management. In his previous role as an investment counselor he earned the “Top Producer” Award from Lord, Abbet & Co., and the “Quality of Advice” Award from American Express. He is also a 2003 graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, with a Master of Business Administration degree. Paxton’s experience with his own addiction and recovery, along with his current insights and solutions, validate our commitment to “Peer to Peer” services and programs. You will find that Paxton is always ready and approachable to share his story, and never forgets where he came from. Raising two beautiful daughters, Talbot and Hannah, consumes most of Paxton’s free time, while he still enjoys the occasional round of golf or fishing.