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10514 Oberrender Road
Needville, Texas 77461

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Meet The Staff

Irene Kotter
Director of Admissions

Irene has worked with InnerChange since 2004. She became the Program Director of New Haven’s North Campus and has been in admissions since 2009. Her first professional educational experience began in 1998 with the San Diego City Schools Administrative Department working for Special Education Early Childhood. She is licensed in cosmetology and earned a Bachelor of Social Work at Utah Valley University. Irene feels that the most powerful way to influence others is through building honest, empathetic, loving and respectful relationships and is excited to be working with the Fulshear team.

Allyson Smith
Residential Director

Allyson was raised in the Bay Area of California in a family with four brothers. She received a Bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University in the summer of 2007 in Marriage, Family, and Human Development, with a minor in Nutrition. Allyson started working as a residential staff at New Haven in 2007 and became a lead supervisor in 2009. She loves the Innerchange family and spending time with and working with the students. Allyson excels in working with clients dealing with trauma and depression. She is an example New Haven's relationship model and how we balance love with healthy limits.


User Reviews

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I was proud to work at a Fulshear. I wanted to be part of a team we’re ever was giving quality care. It was a terrible experience. I was not prepared for mental health. I struggled for 6 months but I wanted this so bad. Some of the girls were in crisis and it was to much for me. I didn’t realize that it would be so triggering for me. They are under staffed and expect mentors to handle cutting and suicide attempts. I found a Christian Therapist to help me threw the trauma I experience while working their. I wouldn’t want to say anything bad about Fulshear because the staff are great, but they don’t debrief with you after a traumatic event happens. I was expecting to deal with it. It was not a good fit for me. I am great full for the opportunity to work with some brave young ladies and hope they were touched in some small way that gives them comfort.
Not worth your time and money. Horrible atmosphere. Staffers are condescending and treat you like a child, while at the same time saying that you are an adult. This place is very unprofessional and very unconcerned about the individual. There is a whole lot of inconsistency, lack of communication, manipulation, and they are not open to listen to clients. They use being sent back to the Ranch as a punishment and fear when you are in their Apartment phase. At the ranch, you will find mice and roach filled cottages and a main house in the back that is sometimes home to possums. The horses aren't being taken care of, nor are they trained to be ridden, except for one or two of them. They also don't have a trained Equine Therapist, so the Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is led by a some lady that just knows about horses and gets her EAP "techniques" from a binder in her office, and it's usually the same four or five lessons. Most girls sleep all day and don't attended what they call programming, and there are no consequences because the program thinks that not addressing your issues is more than enough. So if you want to waste your money on your daughter sleeping a whole lot and not getting the help they need, then this is the perfect program for you. I've seen many girls walk off and prefer to go to prison than be here, some girls have been court-ordered into this program. But I also have seen so many more girls leave the program without permission from the program, and they have been doing very well. The program are more concerned about their appearance to the public.
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