Payment Options

Change begins at American Addiction Centers

The cost of treatment can seem overwhelming, and for many, addiction treatment may seem out of reach. However, many treatment centers, including American Addiction Centers (AAC), accept commercial insurance, and some or all costs may be covered. AAC offers free verification of benefits to help you determine anticipated costs and coverage according to your insurance plan. Simply fill out the form below or call an AAC admissions navigator to begin the process.*

You Can Afford Treatment at American Addiction Centers

At American Addiction Centers, we know firsthand the toll and devastation addiction causes. That's why AAC works to make treatment accessible for every person who needs it. We accept many insurance plans and will work with you on a manageable payment plan. Treatment may be more affordable than you think.

Verification of Benefits

AAC provides a process for easy verification of insurance benefits so you can quickly see whether your insurance plan will cover some or all of your treatment costs at an American Addiction Centers facility.

Payment Plans

To assist in determining a treatment option and payment plan that are right for you, American Addiction Centers’ compassionate admission navigators will work to understand your particular addiction and financial situation to establish payment options.

Treatment Cost Misconceptions

“I don’t have the money today, so I have to wait to call.” Not true. We offer several payment options and work with most insurance plans. AAC’s admission navigators will get help for you or your loved one NOW. “I can’t afford quality care.” Not true. AAC works with numerous insurance companies to help our clients achieve manageable payment plans. Substance abuse treatment programs are eligible for coverage under many insurance plans. “If my insurance doesn’t pay for treatment, I’m out of options.” Not true. There are options. Addiction has negatively impacted your life, family, and maybe even your career. American Addiction Centers wants you to get treatment, and we’ll work to find a payment option that fits your financial situation.