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The Road to Recovery: 3 Unique Stories of Detox

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When you’re kicking a drug, the only thing running through your mind is how to get your hands on more of that drug. You can't help but think that, with just one hit or one pill, all the withdrawal symptoms would stop. In the end, however, the question you have to ask yourself is: Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? For Mindy, Chad and Janice, the answer was finally yes. They didn’t care what it took; all three were bound and determined to get clean and stay clean. It wasn’t easy…but nothing worth doing ever is. Whether your drug(s) of choice are opiates, methamphetamine, or crack cocaine, when you enter treatment, you’ll first need to detox. Since things are much less frightening when you know what to expect, Mindy, Chad and Janice all agreed to share their personal detox experiences in hopes of helping you achieve long-term recovery.

Mindy’s Opiate Detox

Opiate withdrawals are rough for me. It starts with my hands shaking and cold sweats. In less than an hour, I’m light headed with a fever and my whole body is aching. It’s like I can actually feel it in my bones, especially in the shins. I feel terribly weak and completely immobilized. When I’m father along in the detox process, my nose starts to run...a lot. But by then, I’ve also started vomiting, having uncontrollable diarrhea and a severe headache to boot. In my case, the opiate detox process is accompanied by severe depression.

Chad’s Meth Detox

Meth withdrawals are a thing of a different color. I won’t lie; coming off meth is rough. But compared to the life I was leading and the pain I was causing...I was in for the long haul. While everyone is different, my meth detox begins with uncontrollable rage and searing back pain. I have a fever, breaking out in cold sweats and my whole body feels dehydrated. I also have panic attacks and sporadic paranoid hallucinations for short periods of time. I just tell myself to hang on; it's almost over. I’d say that to myself what seemed like hundreds of times a day...but in reality, my mind began to clear in about 48-hours. Meth detox makes my body parts fall asleep, tingle and cramp up. I was also experiencing severe body twitches and having trouble controlling my movements. It kind of felt like I was on the verge of having a seizure. I also had some dizziness, diarrhea and an increased heart rate. In a day or two, I was able to sleep...and I stayed asleep for what seemed like days at a time. That was fine by me; some days the urge to use was at an all-time high and, when I could sleep my way through those racing thoughts, the detox itself was much easier.

Janice’s Crack Detox

Crack and powder cocaine withdrawals are similar to those I’d experienced with meth several years ago…they’re just not nearly as powerful, thankfully. The psychological symptoms and cravings from crack detox are intense. For me, if I can weather the cravings, I’m already ahead of the game. I just had to learn how to cope with the stress without buckling and running straight into a relapse. I also experience depression; I feel lonely and don’t know what to do with all my time. It’s crazy, but it almost feels like I’m mourning the death of a best friend – even though that best friend – crack cocaine – is the very thing that wants to kill me. How sick and twisted is that? I’m also extremely hyper, which is “normal” for people who are kicking crack. I just have to give my brain time to reset and remember how to send signals to the correct areas…but it’s hard to concentrate for long periods of time.

Medically-Supervised Detox

As you can tell, the detox process is different for each person and greatly depends on your drug of choice. With so many physical and mental detox symptoms to contend with, it’s essential that you choose a rehab facility that provides an on-site medically-supervised detox. Along with providing medications and therapies that can make your withdrawal process easier, it helps to know that – should there be a medical emergency – you are surrounded by trained professionals who can step in and administer help, should you need it. Learn more about choosing the best detox clinic for your needs. Image Source:,