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Spotlight: The Cocaine Detox Process

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cocaine Highly addictive and very popular, crack is a widely abused drug. Its prevalence has developed the need for crack-specific treatment programs. The most common and effective of these involves a rehabilitation center.

Rehab Treatment

Rehabilitation programs, or rehabs, require those in recovery to reside at a rehab center while receiving treatment. Typical residential programs last between one month and one year. While at the facility, patients also receive individual and group therapy. Therapy methods usually include cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational therapy. CBT addresses errors in thinking and resulting behaviors that lead to drug use. The goal of motivational therapy is to incentivize patients to refrain from cocaine use.

Pre-Rehab Treatment

Before a person in recovery can enter a rehab program, they must first go through detoxification. This is where the treatment for cocaine and/or crack addiction begins. Because cocaine withdrawal symptoms can be severe, the detox process usually takes place at a medically-supervised facility, where doctors can monitor the process round-the-clock. Withdrawal usually lasts at least a week, but length and severity will always depend on the length of time and amount of cocaine the patient has been abusing.

Post-Rehab Treatment

Once the patient has successfully completed a rehab program, he or she often receives outpatient treatment. This involves regular visits to a rehab center or individual counselor for therapy sessions. Another common scenario is halfway house residence. Those leaving a rehab facility can transition to an independent living residence, which offers more loosely structured settings. Halfway homes have their own house rules, which will include regular drug screenings.

Is "Medical Miracle" Available?

Currently, no pharmacological treatments for cocaine or crack have been approved. Studies by the National Institute on Drug Abuse are underway, but will not wrap up for several years. For now, the best treatment for crack addiction is intense and supportive therapy through a residential rehabilitation program.   Learn more about the cocaine and crack detox and treatment process.   Image Source: Pixabay