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Melissa Lynn Mills, RN, CCM, MHA
Melissa Lynn Mills, RN, CCM, MHA


  • Master's in Healthcare Administration
  • Certified Case Manager
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Melissa Lynn Mills, RN, CCM, MHA


Melissa Mills is a Registered Nurse and Case Manager that has dedicated her career to assisting clients in finding the right care at the right time. She received her Nursing Degree in 1998 and went on to obtain her Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration in 2016 from the University of Cincinnati. Her clinical experience spans the life spectrum from infants to adults. She works as a freelance writer in an effort to bring light and understanding to complex medical issues.
One of her passions in life is supporting those whose lives have been touched by dependency and addiction. She has volunteered at a local treatment center working with teens and adult patients and also organizing community events to increase the awareness of addiction. She currently works with patients who have been injured while working, which is an area of healthcare that is starting to get exposure in regards to the battle against addiction. Many of these patients will be on long-term narcotics and will experience dependency and addiction issues. Melissa is instrumental is working with them to get the care they need.
Addiction has touched Melissa’s life in personal ways, she lost a cousin in 2009 and has watched many other family members struggle with this disease. Having three teenagers of her own now, she sees this crisis in a new light and wants to be part of the solution.