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The Cost of Prescription Drugs Throughout the US

Every year, the country spends billions upon billions of dollars on prescriptions filled at retail pharmacies. Money aside, the sheer volume of prescriptions filled and dispensed by retail pharmacies within the span of 12 months is enormous. We wanted to take a deep dive into those numbers to examine the state by state breakdown of […]

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Drug Seizures Data by Region

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, a total of 8,606 tons of illegal drugs were seized in 2016. When thinking about this staggering number, we wondered how it broke down between countries globally, which drugs were seized, and what drugs had the most seizures. We looked at the most recent data […]

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The Time Cost of Drug Use

People who use drugs regularly spend a significant amount of time under the influence,  especially if they continue to use drugs frequently for long periods of time. We recently looked at the potential monetary costs associated with both short and long-term addictions to various illicit substances, and found the financial consequences of an addiction can […]

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Spotlight: The Cocaine Detox Process

Highly addictive and very popular, crack is a widely abused drug. Its prevalence has developed the need for crack-specific treatment programs. The most common and effective of these involves a rehabilitation center. Rehab Treatment Rehabilitation programs, or rehabs, require those in recovery to reside at a rehab center while receiving treatment. Typical residential programs last […]

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Jail Detox: Rate of Opiate Relapse Declines Post-Release

It’s well-documented that most people who are currently incarcerated suffered from some form of addiction while committing crimes. A 2010 study from CASA Columbia found that 65 percent of U.S. inmates across the country meet the medical criteria for substance abuse addiction. But while these inmates desperately need drug treatment, only 11 percent received any […]

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Wet Brain: A Tragic Consequence of Alcoholism

After years and years of drinking, the constant alcohol abuse takes a serious toll on your body and overall health. By far, alcohol-related brain damage is one of the most devastating results of alcoholism. This unique form of brain damage is known as Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, also referred to as “wet brain.” What is Wet Brain? […]

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5 Natural Highs That Support Detox and Recovery

Personal growth is vital for detoxification and long-term recovery from addiction. Part of that growth process is learning how to alleviate negative behaviors and replace them with positive, uplifting acts. And, believe it or not, seeking out “natural highs” is a great place to start. The Role of Endorphins in Recovery Studies have shown that natural highs […]

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Vipassana Meditation Makes a Big Impact During Detox

While there are several different forms of meditation out there, one in particular is establishing a good name in the addiction recovery field. Vipassana meditation works by training the mind to observe without instinctively reacting. Practitioners learn how to see things as they truly are and embrace the idea of living in the moment. This […]

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3 Drug Detox Myths Debunked

A number of drug detox myths have popped up over the years, often confusing addicts and family members alike. Without doing your homework, myths and misinformation can dash the hopes of drug detox success and long-term sobriety. By debunking some of the most troublesome myths, an unobstructed journey toward sobriety is possible. Let’s evaluate three […]

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Do-It-Yourself Home Detox Kits Prove Harmful

Thanks to the rise of mandatory drug testing in the workplace and multiple other situations, a whole new underground industry has emerged. For anyone looking to quickly detox their body of illegal substances, a quick Internet search for “at-home drug detox kits” turns up thousands of results. These shady products claim to help users quickly […]

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