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How is Opiate Addiction Treated?

Since the 1970’s, methadone maintenance therapy (MMT) has been the top treatment for opiate addiction. In recent years, additional pharmacological therapies have developed. The most promising of these is buprenorphine, often combined with naloxone. Addicts are prescribed these drugs in controlled doses during detox to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Doses are continued after detox to curb […]

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Does Suboxone Make Opiate Detox Safer for Pregnant Women?

Opioid addiction during pregnancy is an increasingly common problem, leaving both mom and unborn baby to face an increased risk of adverse outcomes. A 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health estimated 4.4 percent of pregnant women admit to illicit drug use 30 days prior. A 2014 study found the prevalence of opioid use […]

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