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After recognizing a drug or alcohol abuse problem in yourself or a family member, you'll need to identify what kind of detox and rehab facility is most suitable. The next, and often most crucial step in addiction treatment is detoxification. You can find detox services in and around most major cities, or get immediate help choosing one by calling our helpline specialists.

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How Can a Detox Center Help Me?

Flushing the offending chemicals from one's body is a crucial step in starting the recovery process, and it must occur before rehabilitation can begin. Depending on the type and severity of addiction, detoxing can be difficult or even dangerous to do without the care of a medical professional. Most drugs also carry their own host of withdrawal symptoms, which can make detoxing challenging if the individual is unprepared. With detox center supervision, you can be sure to stay safe and comfortable as you begin recovery.


How Much do Detox Centers Charge for Treatment?

There's no simple answer to how much detox and rehab will cost, as the answer depends on a variety of factors. You'll want to determine whether you want (or are even eligible for) programs covered partially or fully under state or federally funded insurance, or if you have private insurance that will cover a portion of your addiction treatment. Some centers take insurance, while others are private pay. Additionally, there are many specialized facilities that offer luxury or executive treatment programs. Low-cost options can be found for as little as $5,000/mo, whereas many private treatment centers are considerably more because the grounds, treatment staff and amenities offered can rival those of high-end resorts.


What Addictions do Detox Centers Treat?

Not all narcotics require detox services if you're trying to quit using. Many carry psychological dependencies but not physical ones, which means the actual detox process is less necessary than a solid course of rehab. Alcohol, benzodiazepines and opiates, however, carry physical components and can actually be dangerous to stop without help. These are some of the more common substances requiring detox services:

  1. Opiates
    1. Buprenorphine
    2. Codeine
    3. Fentanyl
      1. Duragesic
      2. Actiq
    4. Hydrocondone
      1. Lortab
      2. Norco
      3. Vicodin
    5. Hydromorphone
      1. Dilaudid
    6. Morphine
      1. Heroin
    7. Oxycodone
      1. Oxycontin
      2. Percocet
      3. Percodan
    8. Tramadol
  2. Benzodiazepines
    1. Alprazolam
      1. Xanax
      2. Paxal
    2. Clonazepam
      1. Klonopin
    3. Diazepam
      1. Valium
    4. Lorazepam
      1. Ativan
  3. Alcohol

How Long do Withdrawals Last and Is it Painful?

Physical withdrawal can last anywhere from several days to a matter of weeks, depending on the drug or drugs that have been abused, the quantity taken and the duration of the addiction. Withdrawals symptoms manifest in both physical and emotional ways. On the physical side, nausea and vomiting, chills and sweats, insomnia, cramps and muscle pain, achiness, and fever are common. Depression, anxiety, violent mood swings and suicidal thoughts are common emotional side effects. Seizures, psychosis, delirium tremens and even death can occur if a serious addiction isn't tapered off properly. Fortunately, medically-assisted detox can eliminate many of these issues and concerns.


I'm Ready for Help. Who Can I Call?

Putting an end to drug addiction is a big deal and, when accomplished, a major milestone for everyone. Because this is so important, our toll-free helplines are staffed around the clock with trained advisors that can help you find a detox program to meet your needs perfectly. Don't suffer any longer than you have already. Help is a free call away!


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