Luxury Addiction Treatment Programs

entrance to a luxury treatment facilityAddiction is a lifelong, chronic condition that affects your mind, body, and spirit. It is characterized by a compulsion to continue using drugs or alcohol despite serious consequences, such as financial problems, divorce, going to jail, or physical or psychological issues. Getting professional help for your addiction can help you avoid severe problems such as overdose or death. In addition, treatment can help you mend broken relationships and address workplace issues that may have arisen from your drug or alcohol abuse.

Quitting drugs or alcohol can be difficult to do on your own. If you are considering seeking professional addiction treatment to help you address the medical and psychological elements of your addiction, you have many types to choose from. There are options ranging from modestly-priced recovery programs to luxury addiction treatment programs.

If you have the means to cover the costs of luxury treatment, you will receive cutting-edge care from specialized addiction professionals. Meanwhile, you will be staying in a safe, comfortable, and clean environment that may offer amenities such as gourmet meals, luxury spas, daily massages, and beachfront views.

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What is Luxury Treatment?

Luxury treatment is offered in an upscale inpatient program. During rehab you will live at the facility with others who are in recovery from alcohol and drug abuse. The goal of luxury rehab is to help you break the cycle of addiction while you enjoy the many features of luxury treatment. Even though you will be relaxing in a tranquil setting, you will also be expected to attend meetings and therapy sessions. The comfortable environment and attentive care provided at luxury centers can help you have a more positive experience in treatment. Luxury programs can vary in length – with some programs lasting 28 to 90 days or longer. However, depending on your situation most luxury facilities will adjust your treatment schedule if you need to spend a longer or shorter amount of time in the facility.

Recovering in a desirable setting does not come cheap. Due to the upscale amenities and services offered, luxury treatment tends to be more expensive than a standard inpatient program.  That’s why, in some cases, you can expect to find high-profile clientele filling these centers. Often, the mistaken assumption is that luxury facilities are synonymous with celebrity rehab programs. However, although celebrities may be seeking treatment at some of these facilities, anyone can access luxury treatment if they are able to cover the cost.

What Amenities and Services are Offered?

When you go to a luxury treatment center you may feel like you are at an upscale resort – complete with personal chefs, tennis courts, daily massages, and golf courses. Depending on the center, you can expect that your services and amenities will be top notch.

Every luxury program is different, but below is a list of possible amenities offered:

beautiful bathroom amenity at luxury treatment facility

  • Private rooms.
  • Gourmet meals.
  • Pools and Jacuzzis.
  • Workout rooms.
  • Horseback riding.
  • Golf.
  • Spa services.
  • Massage.
  • Daily yoga classes.
  • Shiatsu.
  • Acupuncture treatments.
  • Fitness coaches.
  • Nutritional counseling.

A luxury addiction treatment program is ideal for someone who values comfort while recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction. In addition, these facilities offer an extremely high level of care while also allowing clients to feel like they are relaxing at a luxury resort.

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What to Look for in a Program

If you are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol you may have felt shame or hopelessness at some point. It is important that you find a program that makes you feel comfortable and understood. Every center has a different approach to addiction treatment and taking the time to research treatment philosophies before choosing a facility can pay off. For example, some programs rely heavily on group therapy. If you know this is not something you feel comfortable with, it’s best to check beforehand.

Executive Addiction Treatment

doctor shaking hands with businessmanExecutive addiction treatments, sometimes called executive rehabs or rehabs for business owners, are specialized substance abuse services geared towards the demanding lives of business leaders. Executive rehabs recognize the unique needs of these individuals and create treatment opportunities well-suited to an executive’s lifestyle. Read More

Here are other treatment characteristics that you may want to take into account before choosing a facility:

  • Detox: Medical detox is a process of slowly eliminating a drug from your body so that you can establish stability. In most cases, if you are addicted to drugs or alcohol your body has grown dependent on these substances and requires their presence function properly. If you abruptly stop using substances, you could experience distressing and even dangerous withdrawal symptoms, depending on the substance. Detox helps you to slowly wean off of a drug or administers medications to mitigate withdrawal and reduce cravings. Doctors and nurses will be available to support you throughout the withdrawal process 1.
  • Dual diagnoses: It is extremely common for a person to experience addiction and mental health problems at the same time. Issues such as depression, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and schizophrenia commonly co-occur with substance abuse. Rehab facilities that are aware of the relationship between substance use and mental health issues will specialize in treating the two together. If you are seeking care for two issues, finding a treatment center that focuses on addressing both conditions will ensure that you receive thorough treatment 2.
  • Individualized treatment plans: Centers that believe in individualized treatment are aware that there are factors beyond a person’s substance-abusing behaviors that will influence their recovery. Your counselor will take into consideration your social environment so that you can learn to cope with triggers in the “real world” after you finish treatment 3.
  • Aftercare planning:
    The goal is for you to develop a plan that feels realistic and good so that you can avoid slipping back into drug or alcohol using behaviors.
    Preparing for your discharge from a treatment program is crucial to your success in recovery. Working with your therapist or counselor on an aftercare plan will help you feel prepared to handle whatever challenges you face outside of luxury treatment. Aftercare planning could include individual therapy consistently, attending 12-step groups, or volunteering in your community. The goal is for you to develop a plan that feels realistic and good so that you can avoid slipping back into drug or alcohol using behaviors 4.

When looking for a place to detox and rehab in it is important that you research all of your options. Finding a place that tailors their treatment plans and adequately prepares you for life after rehab can make the difference between staying sober and relapsing.

Cost of Luxury Rehab

In most cases, insurance companies will provide coverage to help offset the costs of substance abuse treatment services. However, insurance will likely not fully cover luxury treatment, since the upscale offerings are not considered medically necessary to treat addiction. Also, some luxury programs may not accept insurance at all. If you are looking for a luxury treatment center, it is important that you take this into consideration and ask what the rehab center’s policies are on insurance.

Above all, it’s important that you ensure that you can pay for a luxury treatment program before entering the program. If you are anxious or stressed about how you will cover the cost during rehab you will be distracted and unable to fully focus on your recovery. In fact, even mild experiences that trigger stress can make you more prone to relapse 5.

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