How to Detoxify the Body

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, detoxification from drugs and alcohol is the process of allowing the body to remove the drug from the system and deal with the symptoms of withdrawal. For more information on how to detoxify the body, call our toll-free hotline at 1-888-509-8965 .

Drug Treatment Centers

The only way to detox your body from drugs and alcohol addiction is to stop consumption. There is a wide variety of drug treatment centers. The main goal of a treatment center is to help an individual overcome addiction in a safe environment. While all programs are geared toward helping you recover, it is important to choose the right center that will work for you to achieve success. Detox is only the first stage in the recovery process. You should make sure the center you choose will provide you with additional support once you are drug-free. Individuals who simply go through drug detox and do not follow-up with recovery treatment and rehabilitation are more likely to relapse than those who do have support.

Types of Centers

The most common types of drug treatment centers include:

  • Outpatient treatment centers
  • Inpatient treatment centers
  • Rapid detox treatment centers
  • Low-cost or free treatment centers

An outpatient program allows you to receive treatment during the day and return to your home each night. Outpatient centers cannot provide the same continuous level of support that inpatient programs can provide. They do provide many of the same treatment services including medication, physician's guidance and health screening.

An inpatient treatment center offers continual medical support throughout the entire detox process. These treatment centers provide an individual with a place to stay while going through treatment, which can last up to 30 days, depending on the severity of the addiction.

Rapid detox centers have the lowest success rate of all detox centers. These centers are geared towards individuals who are addicted to opiates. Addicts are placed in a medically induced coma while they go through the drug detox program, so they do not feel the effects of withdrawal. This can be very dangerous, especially for individuals who suffer from underlying health issues. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, drug withdrawals and treatment are no easier for those using rapid and ultrarapid detox. In clinical trials, when an individual was awakened from anesthesia, that person experienced the same degree of discomfort that other addicts reported in other treatment programs. There were often adverse reactions to the anesthesia while standard treatment programs had no adverse reactions. Risks using rapid detox include:

  • Fluid in the lungs
  • Complications with diabetes
  • Worsening of mental illness
  • Death

"The state or federal government usually funds discounted or free treatment centers."The state or federal government usually funds discounted or free treatment centers. The community can also support these centers in order to help reduce the amount of drug abuse and drug traffic in the area. Free and discounted centers offer the same level of support that an inpatient or an outpatient program provides, but they are provided to individuals who meet certain income requirements.

Choosing the Best Treatment Center

What works for one person might not work for another. There are several things to look for in all drug detox programs.

  • Ask about the method the center uses for treatment. The best centers will tailor the process for each person to find what works.
  • The center should offer health screenings during detox. Detox can be very stressful on the heart, so it is important to choose a center that offers cardiac monitoring.
  • Treatment centers are required by law to follow regulations concerning privacy. Be sure to ask the treatment center how it will handle your privacy.
  • Ask if all the medical staff has been certified to deal with drug treatment. You will receive the best care from centers with well-trained staff.
  • If you are staying in an inpatient center, ask about the amenities. Will you have a private room? How are meals served, and what is a sample menu? Does it offer Wi-Fi services, and are you allowed to watch television.
  • Find out where the center is located. Those that are far from home can feel more like a vacation than a drug detox treatment program. You may want to choose one closer to home if you plan on family and friends visiting you.
  • Make sure the center offers an open level of communication. This will ensure you know exactly what is going on with your treatment.
  • Make sure you visit several treatment facilities to find the one you are the most comfortable with.

What Happens During Drug Detox?

"If you have not done so before you enter a treatment program, the program will assist you in getting clean."If you have not done so before you enter a treatment program, the program will assist you in getting clean. You will speak with a counselor to discuss any health issues, and that person will come up with a treatment plan that is based on your past drug history and the severity of your illness. Drug and alcohol use can take a toll on the body so a complete medical evaluation will be done. Depending on the type of addiction you have, you may receive medication to help you through the withdrawal symptoms. Methadone is often given by a physician to help lessen the effects of opiate withdrawal symptoms. Naltrexone and buprenorphine can also minimize drug cravings and lessen symptoms. The most important thing is to make you as comfortable as possible while the drugs and alcohol leave your body.

At the end of detox when you no longer feel symptoms of withdrawal, you will begin a lifelong treatment of recovery. Individuals going through rehabilitation may use a 12-step program, individual and group therapy, life-training skills and stress management. You will be instructed to get involved in new hobbies or revisit old ones in order to keep yourself busy. Time-management skills are extremely important, so you do not find yourself with nothing to do.

Thing You Can Do

Drink plenty of fluids while going through detox, and get plenty of rest. Detox centers will encourage you to sleep as much as possible, which will allow your body to heal. Sleep can also help you get through the worst of your withdrawal symptoms.

If you or someone you love has decided to seek treatment for an addition, call us at 1-888-509-8965 , and we help you with the question of how to detoxify the body.