Your Guide to Holistic Detoxification from Drugs and Alcohol

Drug and alcohol addictions claim the lives of millions of people each year through direct health complications from the drugs, from suicide, or from drug-related violence. Addiction is a pattern of harmful behavior that often requires outside intervention to change; some drugs such as heroin are more addictive than others are and require more drastic action to treat.

Holistic detox centers allow you or your loved one to get help in a nurturing environment. If you or someone you know needs help to deal with a drug addiction, call our hotline at 1-888-509-8965  any time.

Drug Rehab: How it Works

Drug rehab normally focuses on detox and counseling to help the patient bring the addiction under control. After the initial assessment, an enforced detox phase takes place; the length of this phase depends on the drug but generally does not last longer than 30 days. During detox, the patient remains under strict medical supervision to watch for withdrawal symptoms.

When the drug has been cleared from the body and the brain's chemistry has readjusted, the treatment staff can then begin therapy sessions. This phase of treatment can last 60 days or more, depending on the patient's progress.

Holistic Drug Rehab

The philosophy of a holistic detox center is that drug addiction is a product of poor health and lifestyle as a whole, rather than due to any specific factor. For example, depression can cause people to turn to alcohol abuse. Alcohol is the most common drug addiction that patients seek treatment for; it made up 23.1 percent of all 2008 rehab admissions, according to SAMHSA. Therefore, in addition to detox and counseling, holistic rehabs attempt to promote healthy lifestyle choices such as an exercise regimen and a nutritious diet. They also provide a peaceful environment with the opportunity for patients to pursue constructive hobbies. A healthy diet and exercise have been shown to alleviate symptoms of depression, which co-occurs with drug and alcohol abuse.

Choosing a Holistic Center

"Deciding where you want to receive holistic detox for a drug addiction is just as important as making the decision to start."Deciding where you want to receive holistic detox for a drug addiction is just as important as making the decision to start. First, you need to determine how much you can afford. Holistic treatment centers, especially luxury ones, can cost you thousands of dollars per week or even per day-after all, you have to pay for the cost of housing, food, and treatment. Even if you don't have the cash up front, you can apply for a loan, use your insurance policy, or agree to a monthly payment plan upon completing treatment. Some facilities may even be state funded.

Holistic detox relies on a serene environment away from the bustle of everyday life to allow the patient to relax and focus on recovery and are often located in scenic areas. Choose one that appeals to you; you might like mountain terrain more than beach terrain, for example. If you can find a facility near you, you can count on friends and family to help you through treatment. If not, it will be an exercise in self-reliance.

Some holistic detox programs also have a religious or spiritual component. If you are religious, having a sense of accountability to a higher power can help support you as you progress through treatment. Despite this, remember that the addict is ultimately accountable for his or her own actions and progress.

After Treatment

Your Guide to Luxury Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers

luxury therapy detoxLuxury detox centers give those recovering from an addiction a place to relax and unwind. While many cities and states have public centers available that offer free or low-cost treatment programs, many luxury centers do not offer such programs. Read More

Holistic detox is only the first part in turning your life around. After treatment, you have to make sure that the lessons you learned will stick. This includes-among other things-keeping to a healthy diet, pursuing an exercise program, and staying off drugs. After being discharged from the drug detox facility, patients often set up regular meetings with therapists to keep track of progress and prevent a relapse. It's also important to set aside relaxation time; stress is a frequent trigger for drug abuse because the person doesn't get enough downtime from family or work obligations. Meditation is also encouraged during and after holistic detox, whether it's through full-on yoga sessions or simple deep breathing exercises.

Also, keep in touch with your friends and family members. Drug addicts often find themselves severing relationships to focus more on their drug habit; reversing this trend can be beneficial as long as you will not be exposed to the drug in the process.

Do You Need Help?

Holistic detox is a serious investment of money and time. Be sure that you or your loved one is ready to fully commit to the effort needed for recovery. Few people get the opportunity to receive treatment in holistic detox; in 2011, according to SAMHSA, 2.3 million, or 10 percent, of people who needed treatment received it. Treatment at a holistic drug rehab center can be a life-altering experience because of the new outlook you get. If you experience any of the following, you may benefit from holistic detox:

  • Constant stress leading to drug use
  • Fatigue associated with work
  • Depression that lasts longer than two weeks
  • Previous failed attempts in standard detox programs

Don't be hesitant to take the first step to recovery from a drug addiction. Call us today at 1-888-509-8965 . We are ready to help you anytime.