Your Guide to Drug Addiction Detox Programs

Most recreational drugs stimulate the chemical dopamine in the human brain1, causing euphoria and other feelings of confidence or high energy. Other drugs like marijuana stimulate the receptors in the brain to produce a feeling of relaxation.2

The drug addiction process can begin with a single use of a drug3, depending on the strength of its addictive properties. Even marijuana, a drug that is considered non-addictive by some professionals, may become habitual.4 Any continuous stimulation of the chemical receptors in the brain can lead to addiction. Over time, the brain becomes dependent on the stimulation, so any lapse in drug use may cause adverse reactions.

Drug Withdrawal and Detoxification Signs and Symptoms

Since the components of drugs vary, the signs and symptoms of withdrawal are also diverse. Symptoms may include headaches, irritability, and nausea. Withdrawal symptoms for stronger drugs like heroin and cocaine may include mood fluctuations, anxiety and depression. Because of these potential symptoms, going through a clinical withdrawal may be the best plan of action for a person seeking relief from addiction.

Withdrawing from Drugs: Treatment Methods and Options for Help

In the past, individuals going through detox rehab were left to suffer without the aid of drugs.5 There are now many different medications available to help make the process of detoxification easier. Patients addicted to prescription pain medications can be treated with buprenorphine6, whereas methadone is a common medication used to help heroin addicts detoxify.7 Other drugs like marijuana or cocaine typically do not require drug treatment therapy8, but there are other treatment options for either of these dependencies. The best way to determine the appropriate course of treatment is to discuss your issues with your physician.9 A doctor can evaluate your current level of addiction and physical health and help set up a plan for recovery. If you need help now, call 1-888-509-8965  or fill out our contact form to get in touch with someone for timely guidance.

Detoxification, Addiction Treatment Rehab and Recovery

"In the past, individuals going through detoxification or rehab were left to suffer without the aid of drugs."Although many variables determine the correct method of treatment, there are a handful of recovery options that have been shown to effectively help individuals detoxify and go on to live drug-free lives.

  • Interventions are sometimes used by friends and family members of an addict to help bring the seriousness of the situation to his or her attention. This step should be taken after consulting with an addiction counselor.10 In addition to showing concern as a group, each person should also offer support to the person.

Detoxification can take place as an inpatient or outpatient procedure. Each method is beneficial in different ways.

  • Inpatient treatment is preferred for people who may experience health issues during detox.11 It also provides additional support to anyone who needs extra guidance or therapy before returning to everyday life.
  • Outpatient treatment involves intensive treatment and therapy during the day, but allows a patient to return to home at night. This allows the person to maintain some normality during treatment.
  • After the initial detoxification process, continued therapy may greatly increase a person’s chances for success.
  • Support groups provide a place for recovering addicts to convene and turn to each other for encouragement. These therapist-led sessions also serve as a place to address the mental causes of addiction.
  • Continued therapy with a counselor that specializes in substance abuse may help address the cause of addiction.12 Since drug abuse may begin as the result of a need for self-medication, eliminating or alleviating mental health issues can make the recovery process easier.

Addiction recovery is generally easier when the proper help is sought in advance. If you need help, or know anyone who needs help, call 1-888-509-8965  or use the contact form to get the assistance you need.